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Price of Texas Bowfishing Trip

Weekend trips (Friday and Saturday)

For bowfishing trips up to 6 hours, the cost is $125 per person per night. A minimum of two shooters is required in order to book a weekend trip. The first non-shooter is Free. After that, the non-shooter's cost is $50 each.

$125 per person, minimum two

Special Week Day Trips. (Sunday-Thursday)

Bowfishing Trips are 4 hours so that everyone can get back to work the next day. The cost is $100 per shooter, and there is no minimum on the number of shooters. So, we will take one person out during the week day trips. This is a great trip to do during the winter when it is getting dark at 5:30 because we can be back at the ramp around 10:00 p.m., if needed. We take a lot of business clients on these trips that want to see what Texas bowfishing is all about.

A deposit must be made in order to reserve your date for a bowfishing trip. Deposits are refundable unless you cancel within 7 days of your charter. Weather and other acts of nature are also refundable. It is not fair to us if you cancel at the last minute because we have turned other people down in order to take you on your Texas bow fishing trip. Deposits can be made using any credit card.

$100 per person, no minimum

What do I need to bring?

  • A Texas Fishing License is needed to do any bowfishing in Texas
    ○  Texas Fishing Licenses Sold Here
  • Plenty of snacks and food. 6 to 8 hours on the water is a long time, and we take breaks periodically to eat and drink something.
  • No Sunflower Seeds on the boat please.
  • If you have your own bow and would like to use it, you may. However, you are more than welcome to use our bows. We have left handed bows, as well.
  • Some customers will bring a change of clothes or shoes for the trip back home in case you get fish or water on your clothes while bowfishing.
  • Alcohol is allowed on the boat as long as all consumers are the age of 21 and older. “NO GLASS BOTTLES PLEASE!" Please note: Anyone that becomes over intoxicated will be taken back to the boat ramp. We have never had to take anyone back to the ramp as of yet.
  • You may want to bring long pants, closed toe soft-soled shoes, jacket, and gloves (lightweight to protect your hands), Remember it always feels cooler on the water!!!

Boat Information

You will be bowfishing out of the largest bowfishing boat on Lake Sam Rayburn, if not the entire country. It is a custom built, 29foot, aluminum boat with at 250 Mercury motor. It has LED lights for spotting fish in the water as well as interior LED lights from front to back for visibility and safety. The boat can handle up to eight shooters comfortably. This boat is one of the safest and biggest bowfishing boats made. We have even installed an XM radio to add some music to the party!

We do Texas bowfishing Right!! So, let’s go bowfishing on Sam Rayburn Lake and have some fun!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Guided Bowfishing Trips

How many shooters can we have?

The boat is very large with lots of room to move around, but we only like to have up to 8 shooters on the front light deck at one time. Other shooters and non-shooters have 29 feet of boat to move around on if they like. This makes it great for the whole family to come!!! We make Texas bowfishing fun for the whole family!

What time will we meet up?

We normally meet at a Lake Sam Rayburn ramp 45 minutes or so before dark. This is so we can go through a quick safety discussion, plus show everyone how the bow fishing equipment works, give you some details on aiming the bows, and let you sling a few arrows while it is still daylight so you can get a feel for how everything handles. We can also make sure the bow is set up right for every shooter (bows are adjustable). We want to take the time to answer EVERYONE'S questions before we start so that we can all have a fun night of bowfishing on one of the best lakes in Texas.

When bad weather comes up

Lake Sam Rayburn is a big lake, one of the biggest lakes to bow fish in Texas, but we have the biggest bow fishing boats on Sam Rayburn, if not the whole state, so we can get out when others cannot. Plus, the fact that Sam Rayburn lake is such a big lake to bow fish in east Texas we can go fish where the weather is better.

The Captain can, at any time, cancel or delay a trip based on current or predicted weather conditions. Partial refunds will be available if the trip must be cut short due to inclement weather.

Can you bring your own bow?

Yes, you can bring your own bow if you have one you like to shoot. However, it needs to be set up for bow fishing. If you want to use our arrows that is fine as well. But if not, we have all the bows to fit anyone. Our bows can be adjusted to fit the individual person. We have had shooters as young as 9 years old.

What do we do with the fish that we shoot?

We will take care of that for you. Once we are done bow fishing if you want your fish you can take them with you.